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How to Avoid zombie companies in insolvency

In economic terms, a zombie company, also known as a zombie corporation, is simply a business that needs financial rescue from the bank to stay alive, or a company that is so far in debt that it can not pay back the loan on its own debts but not pay the principal on the existing…

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Make Predictions About Zombie Organizations

A Zombie Corporation, also known as a living dead corporation or zombie company, is nothing but a company that cannot stay on its feet. Such shares are usually called zombie shares. Zombie companies draw capital from the lenders using borrowed funds and thereby divert it to other priorities. The zombie companies, therefore, become a burden…

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Zombie Businesses – What to Expect in Your State During the Economic Recovery

Zombie businesses are the dead weight left behind by failed businesses. In economic terms, a zombie business is an unprofitable or stagnant business that requires huge bailouts from investors in order for it to survive or an unsecured debt-free business that cannot pay back the principal but not the interest. The definition of a zombie…

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